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Games are Good for You

This infographic by Frugal Dad details many benefits of games: Source: Frugal Dad Ashly Burch also presents many testimonials from people that used games to overcome serious problems in “How Games Saved my Life”


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Health in Game – It happened!

After a lot of work, finally we had our first event mixing health & games. The Health in Game occurred last Thursday and was a success. Even with the unfortunate location (Manguinhos is basically far from everywhere) and timing (we had to schedule it to a workday in the morning), we had more than fifty […]

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Health in Game

Our first seminar about Health and Video Games will happen next Thursday at Icict, the institute where I work at Oswaldo Cruz  Foundation. There will be three speakers, myself included and also a demo of a game based in Brazilian history. I hope that this event is a success and hopefully become a regular happening in […]

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The History of MMORPGs

Namaste, which is a startup working on the  intriguing concept of Storybricks, created a handy chart showing the history and evolution of MMORPGs. Despite their recent creation, there are lots of MMORPGs distributed in different genres. Looking to the chart I first had two thoughts: 1. Ok, not a single MMORPG based on health concepts. […]

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A Tale of Two Cities

I was fortunate enough to be selected to present papers in two conferences, talking about video games in health communication. I received no financial aid for travel, so I decided to turn the academic travel also in a vacation trip. Despite that, last July was not so much of a vacation even with all the […]

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O bom, o mal e o feio nos vídeo games…

Originalmente feito para o site de humor Cracked por Winston Rowntree. Infelizmente ainda é bem verdadeiro. Veja aqui mais trabalhos dele.

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Concept Art

Antes de passar para a programação e mesmo modelagem, o visual do jogo é definido por ilustradores, encarregados de materializar em imagem a história e os conceitos que movem o projeto. É o momento da arte de conceitos que muitas vezes gera obras primas em si mesmas. Abaixo, alguns dos melhores trabalhos dos anos de […]

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