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A Tale of Two Cities

I was fortunate enough to be selected to present papers in two conferences, talking about video games in health communication. I received no financial aid for travel, so I decided to turn the academic travel also in a vacation trip. Despite that, last July was not so much of a vacation even with all the sightseeing and jet lag…

The first conference, nicknamed VG3 or Videogame Cultures and the Future of Interactive Entertainment, happened in Oxford and gathered about 30 people to talk, ,think and discuss about video games. It was my first presentation in English. The conference took place at Mansfield College and its ancient walls made me even more nervous. However, my colleagues were extremely friendly and suportive, enduring my poor pronunciation and providing great insights for my research. Despite a little disappointment with my language skills, I walked from VG3 with new ideas, some brilliant new friends and the confidence that video games are a fertile and promising field for research.

Two days after VG3 I left for Istanbul, Turkey, to participate in the Annual Academic Conference of the IAMCR (International Association for Media and Communication Research) with the theme Cities, Creativity, Connectivity. This one was very different from the former, it was a big conference about communication. So, while in VG3 I took more time explaining what video games could do for health communication, in Istanbul I took more time explaining what video games could do for health communication…  😀

I still have a lot to learn about presenting papers in English, but I was happy to see the interest the audience showed about my subject. Again, I got great insights, met brilliant people and made what I’m sure will be enduring friendships. Istanbul is a wonderful city and after the conference, I managed to get some free days to explore it and even make a quick trip to Kapadokya.

There, between visits to the old stone cities and balloon flights, I had another interesting academic encounters, which can become future research opportunities. After all that, I think it was an exhausting vacation, but extremely fruitiful. Now, the task is to prepare for DiGRA conference in Hilversum, Netherlands, next moth and also write my project for qualifying. There are a lot of work ahead and I couldn’t even see the hundreds of pictures I took from the trip…

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