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Face Substitution

These technical demos are impressive, something that few years ago was scifi stuff. The substitution happens in real time. Once the technique  improves, the applications will be limitless. It isn’t difficult to imagine a future where actors and celebrities could rent their faces and body scans to movie industry. Directors would make realistic movies with these models, puppeteering them at will. “Live” actors on a movie set would become a niche thing, reserved for art movies. Pirated celebrities scans would appear in fanfics and all sorts of new legal battles would happen.

In a more prosaic approach, I believe the great application for games would be to permit players to put their faces inside the game. Instead of stumbling in unending controls to set the shape of the left nostril (as in many RPGs of today), the player would be able to scan his face and put it directly over the avatar’s head. Probably this feature would become so popular that would be dominant and would greatly enhance the link between player and avatar. And if you don’t want to use your own face, you could always buy the celebrity faces from the DLC packs…  😉

via O Velho

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