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DiGRA 2011

ConferenceThis is a very late post, since the DiGRA 2011 conference happened on last September. The process of the qualifying mixed with the organization of the event “Health in Game” here at Oswaldo Cruz Foundation in Rio de Janeiro absorbed all available time. Actually I don’t remember much about the last few months but an unending routine of writing, correcting and writing again. My wife is too gentle to mention it, but I’m pretty sure that I missed some baths in the last weeks…  🙂

The DiGRA conference was a great opportunity to see Amsterdam again and know more about the Utrecht University campus in the city of Hilversum. It was also a wonderful time to make some new friends and get a better view of how big and diverse the field of Game Studies really is. I had the honor of presenting together with Mary Flanagan and Jonathan Belman, who spoke about their game Pox, designed to show people the importance of vaccination. It’s a game with a elegant design and I could see its potential in Brazil, where we deal with some similar health issues. Who knows, maybe someday we can bring them to a workshop at Fiocruz…

I also had the pleasure of shaking the hands of some bibliographical references of mine as Eric Zimmerman, play in group with the thirty-year veteran on the field of games and play Bernie DeKoven  and meet Reiner Knizia, the legendary boardgame designer, with more than 500 published titles. The event organization was excellent and I had the opportunity to meet a lot of colleagues from different countries. All in all, it was more like a vacation with friends than a academic conference, which, considering the theme, was a really good sign.  😉

Below, the official videos from Hilversum:

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