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Health in Game – It happened!

After a lot of work, finally we had our first event mixing health & games. The Health in Game occurred last Thursday and was a success. Even with the unfortunate location (Manguinhos is basically far from everywhere) and timing (we had to schedule it to a workday in the morning), we had more than fifty people for the first time hearing about the serious uses of video games for education and health communication. Giancarlo Vasconcelos and Bruno Monteiro, students of professor Esteban Clua, presented their game Jecripe, projected to patients of Down syndrome. Then Antonio Marcelo, professor at Oi Nave school, talked about the game design in education. Lastly, I spoke about the potential of video games in health communication. The event was moderated by Arthur Protasio and we even had ten copies of the game Capoeira Legends given to some lucky participants by professor and game developer Guilherme Xavier. It was a great event and our first initiative in that subject. I hope we were able to share our enthusiasm with the audience.

Below, you can see the pictures:

And here is the video:

You also can see these pictures and video on the event website.

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