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Games and censorship

This year started with an alarm in Brazil. A old draft bill from senator Valdir Raupp got ressurrected. This bill would ban the manufacture, import, sale and even possession of games deemed offensive to religions, customs, traditions and cults. The poorly written bill would permit to condemn pratically any game to oblivion and would be a devastating strike against Brazilian nascent game industry. Fortunately, a major movement from gamers, gamedesigners and game companies managed to show the senator the problems with his project and he decided to withdraw his bill. A huge victory for games in Brazil which also shows the long path we still have to walk untill video games get the same respect than other media.

Below, some links where you can read more about these events:

Brazil Discussing Violent Game Ban(

Distributors, Retailers React to Proposed Brazilian Game Ban (

In Portuguese:

Projeto de lei pretende proibir jogos ‘ofensivos’. Devemos nos preocupar? (Kotaku)

Senador desiste de Projeto de Lei para proibir jogos ofensivos (UOL Jogos)

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