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Health in Game 2

Em the last days of June we had the second edition of the event Health in Game.  While the last one was at Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, in Manguinhos, this one happened at Getúlio Vargas Foundation, which houses the CTS Game Studies, coordinated by Arthur Protasio, who shared with us the event’s organization. We had researchers and game developers presenting the potential of video games in cancer treatment. First we had UFF professor Liliane Faria da Silva, talking about the importance of playing for the children with cancer, then game developers from T&T presenting Combate, their video game about cancer treatment inspired in the successful Re-mission. The third presenter was Arthur Protasio, talking about the importance of narrative in games for health. After that there was a debate with the audience who was very engaged on the theme. These second event confirmed to us the importance of discussion about video games for health and we are already planning next year’s event.

Here is the hotsite and here the Facebook page (both in Portuguese). Below you can see some pictures.

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