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Games são Bons para o Cérebro

Uma notícia no The Boston Globe descreve as pesquisas do Dr. Richard Haier, neurologista infantil, que demonstrou em dois estudos os efeitos do clássico jogo Tetris na alteração cerebral:

“In a paper published last month, Haier and his colleagues showed that after three months of Tetris practice, teenage girls not only played the game better, their brains became more efficient. A type of scan that illuminates brain activity showed that at the end of the three months, the girls’ brains were working less hard to complete the game’s challenges. What’s more, parts of the cortex, the outer layer of their brains responsible for high-level functions, actually got thicker. Several of these regions are associated with visual spatial abilities, planning, and integration of sensory data.”

O artigo escrito pelo Dr. Haier pode ser lido aqui.

Fonte: The Boston Globe e The Science Blog
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