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DiGRA Flanders Meeting

Last Friday (19/10), I had the honor to speak on DiGRA Flanders Meeting, on Antwerp university. It was a wonderful opportunity to present my work to other researchers and hear about so many interesting research projects. There is so much distance between Brazil and Europe, but I hope that meetings like this become the starting point for […]


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Health in Game 2

Em the last days of June we had the second edition of the event Health in Game.  While the last one was at Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, in Manguinhos, this one happened at Getúlio Vargas Foundation, which houses the CTS Game Studies, coordinated by Arthur Protasio, who shared with us the event’s organization. We had researchers and […]

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DiGRA 2011

This is a very late post, since the DiGRA 2011 conference happened on last September. The process of the qualifying mixed with the organization of the event “Health in Game” here at Oswaldo Cruz Foundation in Rio de Janeiro absorbed all available time. Actually I don’t remember much about the last few months but an […]

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Health in Game – It happened!

After a lot of work, finally we had our first event mixing health & games. The Health in Game occurred last Thursday and was a success. Even with the unfortunate location (Manguinhos is basically far from everywhere) and timing (we had to schedule it to a workday in the morning), we had more than fifty […]

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Finally, after some agonizing weeks of wait, I received the letter  from Utrecht University, accepting me as a PhD foreign student for six months, starting on September, 2012.  It’s a dream come true. It will be a wonderful opportunity to build a meaningful research and contribute to form a Brazilian body of knowledge about the […]

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Digra 2011 Paper

In this paper, I present some preliminary findings from interviews with Brazilian players, health researchers and game developers about the uses of video games for health communication. It was a quick presentation, less than 10 minutes, so we could proceed with a conversation about the subject.

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A Tale of Two Cities

I was fortunate enough to be selected to present papers in two conferences, talking about video games in health communication. I received no financial aid for travel, so I decided to turn the academic travel also in a vacation trip. Despite that, last July was not so much of a vacation even with all the […]

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