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Lewisianas is a fictional collection of books by C. S. Lewis. Its graphic design was presented as a graduation project in the Industrial Design course at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. For this reason, the tiles and texts appear in Portuguese on each cover. 

The choice of C. S. Lewis was the result of several factors. Firstly, his importance as a writer. Although Lewis is lesser known in Brazil, he had a relevant influence in the rest of the world, especially among English language countries.

Another factor, even more important when it comes to graphic design, is the breadth of genres in which Lewis presented his work: we created fairy tales, science fiction, essays, theodicies and allegories, among others. The different genres and extremely suggestive titles (The Great Divorce, The Problem of Pain, etc.) provided a wealth of paths to pursue in the visual creation of such book covers.

The third factor, of course, was personal preference, which at first guaranteed me a reasonable knowledge of Lewis' work. This project is also a small tribute to this great writer, who with his wit and humility, taught me so much. All these reasons explain why, after all these years since my undergraduate days, I still care very much about this small project. 

I hope you enjoy seeing the covers as much as I enjoy making them

Marcelo Simão de Vasconcellos 

Abismo - detalhe.jpg
The Great Divorce

The Great Divorce narrates a strange journey: a group of people takes a bus from Hell to Heaven. Once in Heaven, existing in a "more real" environment, they must decide which is better: to reign in Hell or to serve in Heaven?

t-O Grande Abismo.jpg
Amores - detalhe.jpg
The Four Loves

In The Four Loves, Lewis analyzes the most celebrated human emotion. Writing with depth and poetic subtlety, he explores the concepts of Affection, Friendship, Eros and the most mysterious and divine of loves: Agape.

t-Os Quatro Amores.jpg
Trilogia - detalhe.jpg
The Cosmic Trilogy

The Cosmic Trilogy unites three books: Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra and That Hideous Strength. In these books, we follow the interplanetary adventures of Dr. Ransom, a peaceful professor who finds himself dragged into space..

t-Trilogia Espacial.jpg
Sofrimento - detalhe.jpg
The Problem of Pain

If God is good and almighty, how can He allow his creature to suffer? Starting from this paradoxical question, Lewis explores the theme of human suffering and its important consequences in human life..

t-O Problema do Sofrimento.jpg
Cartas - detalhe.jpg
The Screwtape Letters

Letters from Hell: the instructions of an infernal secretary to his pupil, a young tempter. The subject: advice on how to conquer human souls, mixed with infernal malice and irony. In this book, Lewis traces a startling vision of Hell and the human soul.

t-Cartas do Inferno.jpg

The book covers shown in this collection are fictional. They do not imply that I have any association with the copyrights holders of the works of C. S. Lewis.

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